Monday, August 1, 2011

Lotus Dress

This is my latest creation, Amy Butler's Lotus Dress using fabric from her "Love" collection. I don't know about you, but shopping for a dress is about my least favorite thing to do. It's almost as bad as shopping for jeans. When you're one size on top and another on the bottom and long waisted, among other issues, it can be a challenge. So when we received an invitation to a summer wedding, I decided I would attempt making my own dress.

I had already made the cami version of this pattern and loved it. I measured myself and used the recommended pattern size, plus 2" added to the length. I made the dress in the same size, plus 2" added to the length. It was too big!!! Imagine my elation when I had to take it in a total of 4" in 4 different places! I will definitely be making this dress and cami again.

I have also had similar success with Amy's Barcelona Skirt and Liverpool Tunic patterns. I would consider her patterns advanced, but her instructions are clear and well illustrated and will guide you step by step. I am mastering darts because of Amy!

I guess what I'm saying is when life gives you hips and curves, try making your own clothes!

By the way, I have also recently found a perfect fitting pair of jeans. I know, miracles really do happen people!

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