Thursday, December 22, 2011

Last Minute Homemade Gifts

It's the most wonderful time of the year! You know, the time when you need just a few more gifts to have to pass out to neighbors and other people you haven't thought of ahead of time! Here are a couple of projects that I enjoyed making and giving this year. I found these on Pinterest and they were hits with my quilting friends and book club ladies. The To Do List is made with a sale frame and fancy scrapbook papers. A dry erase marker means it's reusable! The recipe for the scrub can be found here, and you may even have the ingredients in your pantry already. Don't forget to make one of each of these for yourself!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More Slice Stuff

Here a couple of more designs from the Slice Fabrique. I used these cute "manly" Carter's onesies that I found at Marshall's. I finished these while in Washington with my fabulous friend, Ellen. It's a good thing that my SIL has custody of the Slice at this time, it's really addictive! I'll share some more of the projects from Washington in the coming days.

Friday, December 2, 2011

It's Finally Here!

Our Slice Fabrique, that is! My SIL and I purchased a Slice Fabrique Digital Fabric cutter at the Houston Quilt Show last month and it has finally arrived. You can see the info here, I just spent a couple of hours getting acquainted with it. By that I mean a couple of frustrating hours shredding copious amounts of fabric trying to figure out the best size to cut the fabric and the best place to position it on the board for cutting. Long story short, you need at least a 6 inch square piece of fabric even if you are cutting an eyeball for a mouse applique! Live and learn! It is a great concept and I hope to get much more proficient soon because the designs are so cute and the possibilities are endless!

The owl onesie is for our new great nephew. I never knew it could be so fun to sew for boys, but there are so many cute projects. I would love any recommendations of patterns or ideas that any of you would like to share.

And finally, thanks to my SIL for letting me have first dibs on the Slice ;)