Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tape Measure Bags

No, they are not used for carrying your tape measure. I guess they could be, but there are a lot of other things I would rather use them for! They have sections of retractable measure in their casings to give a type of "snap" closure. I got this idea from Superquilter and her partner in crime. You can adapt many bag patterns for this method and it's a LOT easier than putting in a zipper.

The only complication that I for see is having enough tape measures. I shall have to begin prowling dollar stores to support my habit! Here's a link to a tutorial to make a coin purse with a tape measure closure, .

I made these bags with some scraps that my friend Kelleigh gave me after our last retreat. Recognize the flowers? Yep, those are from the Kanzashi in Bloom book that I gave the stellar review of in the precious post!

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