Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm In Love,

I'm in love and I don't care who knows it! Anybody recognize that movie reference? Anyway, I finally broke down and invested in another high end iron. I had been burned (insert groan!) in the past by a certain brand that starts and ends with an "O". You know the one that pops up. I'm not bitter. Not much.

After using a cheapie for about a year, it died when I needed it most, during a tshirt quilt. So I found a Rowenta Professional model that does not have an automatic shut off and I took the plunge. It is the best iron I have ever had. Lots of steam, a really slick stainless plate and a heavier feel make it a winner for someone who sews as much as I do. Since I am getting more forgetful in my advanced age, I am using a tip from my sister in law. I plugged the iron into a surge protector that also has a lamp plugged into it. If the lamp is on, so is the iron. Pretty smart, huh?!

So now I think I may need a new cutting mat. This one has not "self healed" in quite a while! I do plan to recycle the old one by cutting it into rectangles for tote bag bottoms. We'll see how that goes. What does one use to cut a cutting mat? That may be a question for HD to figure out!

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