Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yarn Wreath

Finally, a non-knit or crochet way to use left over yarn! I saw this idea on a favorite blog and knew I had to make one (2, actually!).
You use one of those straw wreaths from the craft store and you don't even remove the plastic cover. I found that the cheaper the yarn, the better it works and looks. Wrapping the wreath is a great project for TV watching, you know, mindless and needing little quality control!
I had 7 sheets of felt and I made enough roses and leaves for 2 wreaths. Looking at the photo now, I probably could have made 3 wreaths with that amount. I kind of overloaded this little guy! I hope to get to an actual fabric store that has a more extensive selection of felt colors.
I think these roses would also be cute on hair clips and headbands for little girls or on knitted slippers for big girls!

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