Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanks, Lisa!

My precious friend Lisa has posted one of my fave recipes on her blog this morning! Here's the link, http://www.blessedwithgrace.net/

I met Lisa and her twin sister Lana in first grade when they joined the church my family attended. The photo is our second grade church choir. Lana & Lisa are the tall girls on the front row and I am on the back row. We became fast friends and remained so through school. We grew up and followed our own paths and then in the summer of '09 when I finally joined Facebook, we reconnected. I have been amazed at how much we still have in common.

Be sure to check out Lana's blog, as well, http://lanarightnow.blogspot.com/. Both of these gals are fabulous cooks and have wonderful recipes. It is hard to believe we used to think cold pizza and canned ravioli were luxe cuisine!

Quilted hugs to Lana & Lisa!

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  1. Girl, you just made my day!! Love you and so thankful for you. Grace has discovered the wonders of canned Ravioli, too! :-)