Friday, January 15, 2010

New Quilting Designs

Here are the two new freehand quilting patterns that I have been perfecting. I call the one on the bottom "Zebra Meandering" or "Flame Meandering", depending on the direction and the one on the top is called "Ripple Meandering". I saw the ripple design in a magazine, but the zebra is entirely my creation. I am trying to get out of my box, it is hard because they know me in the box and it is safe in there!! Anyway, I am trying some new things and I am doing these freehand designs without the stitch regulator. The machine moves so much smoother (and quieter) without it. I am still glad that I took the advice of a certain Marble Falls longarmer (now retired!) and got the regulator, as it is invaluble when doing complicated pantographs.

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