Monday, January 25, 2010

BarBQue Heaven

Okay, some people might think that driving 300 miles round trip for bar-b-que is crazy. They obviously have never been to the Hard 8 in Stephenville! Above is the awesome pit, how can you choose a moderate portion? Yes, that is a bucket of garlic butter sauce that they will dip your meat in at your request. Below is yours truly with my current fave, the brisket stuffed baked potato. Hubby's faves are the kabobs, dipped in the butter sauce, of course. I wasn't able to photograph his, I am too slow! I will not even go into the delights inside in the cafeteria-style line, but I will give you a starts with a "c" and ends with an "obbler"! Well worth a Sunday drive, after all, we could have gone to Corky's. Yes, that Corky's, the one in Memphis, don't laugh, we have done it before!

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