Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Miles of Piles

This is just one of the many piles that currently occupy my sewing room. Who am I kidding? They are not confined to the sewing room! I mentioned in an earlier post that I have been working on some new things for my business. Well, the first one relates to the miles of piles. I am going to be a vendor at a local quilt show this weekend. The piles contain all the fabulous wares for my booth. Look for pictures early next week!

The second thing I am working on is a bus trip to the Houston Quilt Festival. I have chartered a bus! If you had asked me to do this 2 months ago, I would have said heck no (I did, in fact, say this to a couple of people!). As it turns out, I am getting really excited about it and the response has been very enthusiastic.

Theresa and I have been quilting for 10 years now. We took the Sisters trip to celebrate our "anniversary". I also vowed to take some classes and try some new things in 2010. I am continuing the theme of "getting out of my quilting box" in the business as well!

Stay tuned for pics of all the adventures!

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