Monday, April 5, 2010

Migrating Into Johnson City Today...

I am calling these, "Papillon Potholders", papillon being the French word for butterfly. Madame Railsback would be proud that I remember that after 20+ years! Anyway, they are yet another of my "Scrapbuster" projects. These are made out of wildflower fabrics using the good old "Stitch & Flip" technique. The hardest part of these is the bias tape. I have LOTS of experience with bias tape, but the thickness of the potholder makes it especially challenging. I think that I will make a pair out selvages for my kitchen.
By the way, my brother in law is the one who came up with this idea. He works for Macy's and found a potholder in this shape and sent it to me. Thanks, Derrel!

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