Friday, December 25, 2009

Bar-B-Que Jars

Here it is, the famous BarBQue Jar! I got this idea from a friend who found it in a magazine. They are a favorite of my husband and I made some for he and his coworkers to enjoy on Christmas, as there is no place open for them to grab a quick bite. It is very easy to make these and they travel so well, all you need is a plastic fork and a big napkin!

Here's what you need:

At least 4-1 pint wide mouth jars, you can also use disposable plastic containers, but the jars look really neat! I got these at HEB for less than $5.

1 large can of your favorite beans, I use Bush's Grillin' Beans.

1 container of cole slaw, I get mine in the HEB deli, you can certainly make your own.

1 jar of your favorite pickles, I use Claussen Stackers, cut up.

1 jar of your favorite BBQ sauce, I use Corky's (from Memphis, of course!).

Cooked brisket, I use HEB brand, cut up. You can also use cooked sausage, turkey or chicken. The amount depends on your appetite and your jar size.

In each clean jar, place a layer of the beans, meat, a drizzle of sauce, coleslaw, and top with pickles. Tightly screw on the lid and refrigerate until ready to eat.

If you want to continue the theme, you can make Banana Pudding and put it in the small jelly jars for dessert!

As you enjoy the holiday with your loved ones, please remember the men and women who are working to protect our local communites, our highways and our country.

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